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24/7 Alert Notifications

Generator Remote Monitoring

Trusted Power Systems offers custom configured 24/7 remote monitoring for any generators system! Our system increases the reliability of your generators by eliminating 95% of all Fail-to-Start situations. Our cost-effective monitors connect to ALL major brands of generators and are compatible for access to diagnostic information directly from the generator and transfer switch controls.

Generator Cell Phone Monitor

Get 24/7 email alerts and text message alerts every time your generator status changes.


  • Most installs completed in less than 60 minutes
  • Includes pre-designed cables, antenna and magnetic mount
  • No software to download
  • Over-the-air programming and updates at no additional charge
  • Remote configuration via technical support

Lease the equipment from Trusted Power Systems

One-time installation Fee.

Annual remote monitoring service subscription required.

Top-priority emergency call dispatch to your system upon failures.

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Having Trusted Power Systems remote monitoring system installed on my generator takes another task off my mind. It hooks up to the nearby cell phone towers for extreme reliability. I don’t have check my generator every week to make sure the weekly self test ran, to make sure its ready to run, or to check if it has failed! I get notified every time my generator runs on my cell phone via text and even email! I know exactly what is happening with my generator 24/7, and I know Trusted Power Systems can come out immediately if a problem is detected on the remote monitoring. I suggest it to EVERYONE who has a generator.

— Dave • Sugar Grove, IL

Will your monitors work on my generator?
Yes, our monitors can be used on any brand of generator.

Does the monitor stay connected 24/7 or does it just scan every so often?
It stays connected (or in a standby mode) depending upon whether you are using LAN, cell or Iridium.

I have my generator serviced quarterly, why would I need a monitor?
We like to use the analogy of the car: you have your car’s oil changed every three thousand miles, and have a maintenance schedule, but that still does not prevent the car from malfunctioning. If you have an engine problem, your internal engine light comes on to warn you that there problem, so you can be proactive in fixing it. For the same reason, being proactive, is why you need to have your system monitored. It insures maximum reliability for you, your company and your customers.

How will I know if there is an alarm or fault with my generator?
You will be notified immediately either by email or text messaging.It delivers info to specific designated recipients via email, text message, and/or web display, which can include your service company.

Can I monitor the fuel level?
Yes, if your generator controller measures the fuel level, then we can extract that data from the controller. If the controller does not measure the fuel level, then you may add a fuel gauge to measure any fuel tank remotely.

Can I monitor older controllers? What info will I get from old controllers?
Yes, we can monitor whatever data can be obtained from the controller. Most older controllers provide basic alarm data.

Can I remote start/stop on all makes of generators?
Yes, if the controller does not provide this ability as a part of the controller, then the remote start/stop can be hard-wired.

Who will call me when there is a problem with my generator? How am I notified? 
The OMNIVIEW™, web-based data management center, delivers info to specific designated recipients via email, text message, and/or web display, which can include your service company. 

Can I expand the unit to monitor more than 8 inputs? 
Yes. We can expand up to 128 Alarms & 128 Analog inputs through Modbus communications or expansion modules, depending upon your needs.

Can I monitor the transfer switch position with your monitor? 
Yes, in most cases. For specific information, contact technical support.

Can I adjust the parameters on my alarm set up to notify me about critical events?

We have sites in multiple states. Can I observe all of them from one web page?

Is there GPS on the monitor? 
GPS is standard on our G8700 Mobile Monitoring System model or it can be supplied as an option on other models.

I have more than one generator at the site. Can one (1) monitor work for multiple generators?
Yes. Our model G8600 Multiple Monitoring System can be used to monitor more than one generator.

Does your monitor work on my standby generator I have at my home?
Yes, but home generators usually only have alarm points available.

Will this operate internationally?

Do you have a modem dial-up version?