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Surge Protection for Homes & Businesses

Trusted Power Systems uses Advanced Protection Technologies, Inc. as the primary source for surge protection for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. No matter the project, we have the resources to get you the perfect surge protection devices to protect and maintain all of your equipment and devices. We offer surge protectors for home residential, commercial business, and industrial applications. Surge Protectors are available with LED point indicators for status, alarm fault indicators, one time use devices, replaceable modules, coaxial surge protection, phone line surge protection, power strip surge protection,

surgeassure™ is the residential division of Advanced Protection Technologies, Inc (APT) and Emerson Network Power a worldwide leader in the surge protection industry. We have been in the surge protection business since 1985. We Are the Manufacturer and all of our quality products are UL-1449 3rd Edition listed. Our primary goals are to save you time and money when dealing with SPD’s and keeping your customers home safe from surges. We have an “equal” to any competitive product, and we strive to offer the most competitive pricing in the market.

Electrical engineers are on staff that can be reached during business hours when you are in the field when technical/installation questions surface. We value the client relationship and support it with integrity, responsiveness, and technical excellence. We serve all our clients with a long term commitment through actions, not just words alone.

We build 90% of our residential devices at our factory in Clearwater Florida. What we do not build is tested to our standards at our facility. All residential products are in stock and ready for shipping.

In addition to our residential products we also have a full line of commercial/industrial products, all which are built at our facility. For your light commercial applications we offer site survey assistance to help recommend surge protection to your customers. Commercial products are built in our Clearwater, Florida factory and have a 7-10 day building time.