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Don’t take our word for it. Our customers depend on us to provide safe and reliable products combined with exceptional customer service. We do our best to meet and exceed their high standards. 

“About a year ago, Dan Marr installed a 20KW Cummins generator at our home. Since then we’ve only lost utility power once for a few minutes, so the generator hasn’t seen much activity other than the automatic weekly cycling. However, last night the heavy storms in our area knocked out utility power to our neighborhood for at least 6 hours. I’m not exactly sure how long the utility was out, because our generator operated flawlessly and I was able to get to sleep without worrying about my sump pumps, etc. We were the only home in our subdivision with the lights on!

Thanks for recommending a great system and providing excellent installation and service!”

— Todd S. • Indian Head Park, IL

“In late summer of this year 2014 I was looking for a reliable contracor to install an in home stand by generator,after contacting several Companies that I didn’t have a good feeling with I came in contact with Marr Electric, later under the name Trusted Power Systems and met the owner Dan Marr, I found Dan to be very Professional in my dealings with him. After following his recommendation to have my gas meter upgraded I went ahead with the install. I found Dans workmanship was top notch, he explained everything to me very thoroughly, he installed a Cummins 20k generator and Transfer switch. Which is the top of the line in generators along with a remote operator panel that allows me to control and operate the generator from inside my home. Dan completed the job and left the job site as he found it, very clean workmenship in under two days. I have no hesitation to fully recommend Trusted Power Systems for professional Generator services.”

— Gene K. • Chicago, IL

“I would like to thank everyone at Trusted Power Systems for the work that was performed at our home this past summer. Your employees were friendly and respectful of my property. I found the pricing to be fair and the work was completed on time as promised.Thanks again and I wish you every success in the future!”

— Dave and Sue • Lombard, IL

“Outstanding service. From the initial estimate to the completion of the job, Dan (owner at Marr Electric) was professional, punctual and went the extra mile to ensure our satisfaction. This is a small business, and they are absolutely committed to doing the job right. There were problems with our electrical system that we’re unknown prior to the job, and Dan took it upon himself to repair them. He is a tireless worker. This is a small company that deserves more customers due to Dan’s commitment.”

— Tom • Chicago, IL

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